Research Presentation from Transportation and Economic Competitiveness Forum

Here is the Fall Forum Presentation.pdf presented by Lee Munnich and Tom Horan regarding their research regarding the relationship between Freight Rail and Economic Competitiveness in Minnesota.

The key findings to this point are:

  1. Freight rail is important to the economic competitiveness of Minnesota and plays a vital role in movement of key Minnesotan industries;
  2. The partnership between Class 1 and Shortline railroads is valuable and essential for the economic growth of Greater Minnesota;
  3. Freight rail and its infrastructure is under recognized in comparison to other modes of transportation;
  4. Intermodal transportation policy represents the next important area of progress for policymakers and industry professionals; and
  5. Public perception of freight rail's value generally lags behind its actual importance to the economy and communities which it serves.

We plan to post a video recording of the event soon.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs