Study on Carsharing and Tranist Technologies now available!

A few days ago I discussed HOURCAR's new solar-powered plug-in hybrid vehicles

Now I am pleased to announce the web publication of a study we completed here at the Humphrey Institute, "Improving Carsharing and Transit Service with ITS," which examines some of the other potential benefits from HOURCAR. The abstract is below, and the full paper can be found here The study also reports on the positive returns MetroTransit is realizing from its on-line trip planning tool.

This report examines Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as they apply to carsharing and transit. Two modes that provide mobility to those who do not own a car. In the first study, researchers developed and administered a survey to members of HOURCAR, a local not-forprofit carsharing organization (CSO), and a randomly selected control group. The data reveals that (1) each HOURCAR removes 2.5 other vehicles; (2) HOURCAR members demonstrate an interest in deciding whether a car is their most efficient option for their trip, (3) HOURCAR respondents were not significantly different from the control group in terms of household size, income, age or housing type; and (4) most members indicated convenience and financial considerations were key to joining. The second study seeks to understand how citizen perceptions of trust and confidence in an agency, and its services, are impacted by the use of advanced traveler information systems (ATIS), specifically, an online trip planner developed and maintained by MetroTransit. A survey and focus group indicate connections between online use and perceptions about the agency. Notably, a strong positive view of the trip planner was associated with trust in the agency to perform the service.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs