Showers - a necessary bicycle "Facility?"

Twin Cities bicycle commuters find ways to stay fresh -

I remember people used to tell me, "if my workplace had shower, I'd bike to work," as they walked to their car that had been baking in the sun all afternoon (talk about an opportunity to sweat!). And I also know of a few buildings where the shower stall had become a new storage closet.

But now, as gas prices rise and many workplace dress codes become more casual, biking continues to become more popular as a commuting option, and the shower question again arises. This article seems to indicate that showers may be nice to have, but not having them is not the major obstacle some claimed!


Now, as a sweaty guy myself, I would completely agree that showers are a necessary component of making biking work for professionals. The issue isn't leaving for home after your car's been baking in the hot sun for hours, but getting to work looking disheveled and disgusting. Who cares if you sweat on the way home? You've got a shower there (hopefully)!

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs